Let’s Talk About Our Wins

It has been 9 days since the Humble ISD Board of Trustees announced Dr. Elizabeth Fagen as the lone finalist for the superintendent spot. In that time, we have witnessed the uniting of parents throughout the community like we never could have imagined. It has been a busy time, and when it gets busy like this, it is important to look at all that we have accomplished together. If you need a refresher, click here for a summary of how it all started.

The petition. The very first action that came from the announcement was a petition asking the Board to “reconsider their decision to hire Dr. Elizabeth Fagen as the new superintendent.” The petition had 2,000 signers within two days! This was the first sign that something big was happening.

Facebook community. A short time later, a Facebook group called “Humble ISD Parents” was formed.  This community currently has over 2,800 members, and is active with parents, teachers, and even Board members discussing issues including weather issues, Amber Alerts, and (of course) the superintendent decision. When the “Fagen Mess” is over, this online community will serve parents of the Humble ISD for a long time.

The protest. On Tuesday, May 31, about 75 Humble ISD parents showed up at the district’s administration building in a public demonstration to demand answers. To quote Egberto Willies, “The protest was very successful. There was a bigger crowd than expected. The local TV affiliate stations were all there. Bloggers, newspapers, and radio hosts were there.” Humble ISD Parents spokesperson, John Gillespie, told the Board via the media that we wanted direct answers to (1) vouchers and (2) merit pay. Which leads us to the next win…

The silence is breaking. At this point, the Board of Trustees simply can’t ignore us any longer. Robert Sitton, the president of the Board, stated on Facebook that the Board has not reversed its “opposition” to vouchers and merit pay. Angela Conrad is answering questions on Twitter. Brent Engelage is already throwing in plugs that he hopes we will vote for him next year. While we certainly are not convinced that they are sincere, the Board is realizing that they can no longer simply ignore the parents of this community. For example…

The meeting. One of our earliest demands was that the Board of Trustees get together and explain this decision to us. The district announced a Special Board Meeting on June 8 to discuss the “search for and naming” of Dr. Fagen. On that note, we need you there! It is on June 8 at 6pm. It will be held in the Board Room at 20200 Eastway Village, Humble, Texas.

The media. As a result of the traction we have been gaining, recently this conversation has been focused on two radio programs. Yesterday, Scott Ford spoke about this issue for two hours on Raging Elephants Radio [link to show]. Today, several parents from Humble ISD called in to 90.1 KPFT, where our story was featured as well [link to show]. This doesn’t even count the numerous television news spots, blogs, and news articles that we have been featured in.

Without a doubt, we still have work to do. But take a moment and think about how much we have accomplished in such a short time. You are making an impact. United, we are making a difference.


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